Wake & Wheel Bike Service & Repair Rates

Service Packages

At Wake & Wheel we take the performance of your bike as seriously as you do. We understand that your bike is your passion and deserves to be in the best operating condition possible. We use the highest quality parts installed by professional techs to ensure your bike is ready for your next adventure whatever it may be.

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Adjust Brakes

Adjust Gears

Adjust Bearing Surfaces

Lube Drive Train

Air pressure check (Tires and Suspension)

Light Wipe-Down of Bicycle



Same Items on Bronze Plus: 

True Wheels

Resurface Brake Pads

Wipe Down Bicycle

Minor Degreasing and Lube of Drive Train



Same Items on Silver Plus:

Includes Drive Train Overhaul (Remove Crank, Bottom Bracket, Chain Cassette, and Derailleurs for Solvent Tank Cleaning. Reinstall Components, Lube and Adjust.)

Wash Bicycle



Same Items as Gold Plus:

Complete Disassemble, Cleaning, Degreasing, and Complete Reassembly of all Components on Bicycle including Replacing all Cables

Platinum Service Package w/ Hydraulic


* Suspension Services or Bleed of Hydraulic Brakes for an additional Cost

* Does not include Handlebar Tape on Road Bicycles

* Parts not included in price.

We offer repairs and maintenance on all types of bicycles. Repairs scheduled by appointment can typically be done within the same day provided that all necessary repair parts are in stock. However, in some cases repairs can take 24-48 hours depending on volume. If specialty parts need to be ordered it typically takes 7-10 days. Walk-Ins are always welcome. Call to schedule your appointment today!

Basic Service Rates

Some regular services that we do for our customers that may not need one of our packages or just would like a idea of some of our basic service rates. We always recommend talking with one of our tech’s to make sure your bike is in it’s best shape.

Service Rate
Radial Wheel True $30.00
Shifter Service $20.00
Standard Wheel True $20.00
Slime Install (per wheel) $10.00
Install Tube/Tire on Bike $10.00
Install Tube/Tire off Bike $8.00
Retension Wheel $40.00
Replace der cable Rear $20.00
Replace der cable Front $20.00
Replace Brake Pads (Disc) $15.00
Install New Chain $10.00
Tape Drop Bars $15.00